We Install and Manage Dedicated Linux Servers and VPS

with Professional Control Panels: cPanel/WHM and Plesk!

To Create a Server or VPS for you

Choose Plesk, cPanel/WHM or Webmin and contact us!

We install and manage dedicated servers/VPS using the command line interface.

# total control of your server! 

Command line

We install and configure services like #email, #DNS, #WEB, #FileServer, #FTP, #Database, development programs and many more.

If you need any services installed and configured, please contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon is possible!

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Most popular Services Installed

on dedicated Linux Servers / VPSs

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We work with Open Source – The Best Linux Distributions

We Install, Configure and Manage any Linux Distributions!

We create and manage virtual servers in AWS and GCloud!

Need help to set up a AWS or GCloud or any other virtual server? >  Contact us now!

Nagios - Server de Monitorizare

Nagios – monitoring server

Nagios is an open source software application that monitors systems, networks, and infrastructure. Nagios offers monitoring and alerting services for servers, switches, applications and services. It warns users when the services or servers do not work properly and warns them the second time the problem has been resolved.

We Install, configure and maintain Nagios-based monitoring servers!

Contact us if you are interested to get a Nagios server!

SSL Certificates

We patch your Linux server or VPS

Keeping up to date your dedicated server or VPS is crucial for your business security. Having an up to date operating system will prevent hackers to brake in and also will provide a secure and up to date environment. Also, with an up to date server, your PCI compliance is assured!

Keep your server up to date!

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docker – micro services

Need help with Docker? This is the right place for you. We can help to dockerise services, maintain, create, customize your existing Docker services and images.

Run your services in Docker now and Contact us if you if you need help with Docker!